Being a diligent advocate is hard work.  Earlier this month, we discussed how the ACE team will help relieve some of the pressure by providing training and tips to build your confidence.  In case you missed that post be sure to check it out here.

MFBF knows grassroots advocacy is the most effective way to make real policy changes.

We also know that advocacy is no small task.  It takes a diligent and dedicated individual to be an effective advocate.  That’s why we’re rolling out another new advocacy program; the Advocacy and Action Incentive Program.  We want to applaud and encourage the hard work of our most active members and this program does just that.

Any MFBF voting Century Club member may apply. You can find the program guidelines and application hereUp for grabs is an expense paid lobbying trip to Washington D.C. in February 2017.  Three lucky winners will attend the AFBF Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. February 27-March 2, 2017.  While there, winners will receive high quality training from the nation’s leading political advocates and hear from experts at AFBF on the status of priority issues and Farm Bureau efforts.  Attendees will also meet with Montana’s Congressional Delegation to discuss priority issues for Montana agriculture.

Sounds like a great trip, right?  It is.  And only three winners will be selected to attend!

While there are countless actions and activities that earn you points there are some activities that are required for eligibility:

  • A Century Club membership—there are three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Learn more about a Century Club membership and upgrade here.

  • Contribute at least $100 to the Farm Bureau PAC

  • Attend a district meeting with a member of Congress

  • Attend MFBF Calling on the Capitol

  • Participate in your county policy development process

  • Comment on local, state, or national level agency proposals

  • Respond to at least 75% of MFBF’s Action Alerts—Not signed up? Go here to register and receive MFBF Action Alert emails.

If you've been reading the blog, then you’re already up to speed on ACE and you’ll be excited to hear that these two programs aren’t mutually exclusive!  You can participate in both or just one.  If you didn’t see our post about ACE be sure to check it out here.

Fill out your application today—the clock is ticking!!  If you have questions please contact Nicole Rolf at or 232-1559.