Austin Grazier has been hired as the Director of Ag Safety, a position funded by the Montana State Fund. Participating organizations include the Montana Farm Bureau Federation, Montana Stockgrowers Association, Montana Wool Growers Association, Montana Grain Growers Association, Montana Pork Producers, Montana Cattleman’s Association, and Montana Organic Association. Grazier’s office is housed in the MFBF office in Bozeman.

Grazier, who grew up on a horse boarding facility west of Golden, Colorado, said his passion for agriculture started at a young age and led him to attend Montana State University as an animal science major.

“At MSU I learned about the ag industry as a whole and became involved with ag-based collegiate groups,” Grazier said. “While working on my degree, I visited farms and ranches, becoming acquainted with the dedicated people who are part of Montana agriculture. I realized that although I enjoyed working toward my animal science degree, studying ag business would provide me with a well-rounded education, so I earned two degrees, one in animal science and one agricultural business. In addition, my fiancé’s family ranches in Townsend, so helping on their ranch was a catalyst to wanting to be involved in some aspect of agriculture.”

As Director of Ag Safety for the Montana State Fund Ag Safety Program, Grazier will work on a safety itinerary that will not only help program members run their farms and ranches more safely, but also earn them a partial premium return at the end of the year.

“I plan to modernize the program, update the website, attend meetings (either in-person or virtual) and will do on-site visits if necessary,” Grazier noted, emphasizing that he will not be responsible for safety compliance, but for disseminating safety information.

“I am very much looking forward to meeting farmers and ranchers from across the state. It will be especially rewarding to give them the tools they need to practice safety every day,” Grazier said.

To contact Austin Grazier, call 406-587-3153 or