The Montana Farm Bureau Foundation is holding their annual Youth Speech Contest during the Montana FFA State Convention, April 4-7 in Billings.  One of the Foundation's most important goals is to help with agricultural education and the leadership development of Montana's youth. The MFB Youth Speech Contest is open to students who are not able to participate in the State FFA Prepared Speech Contest. The actual competition will take place Thursday, April 5 from 8 - 10 AM. 

Speech topic:  How can you use social media to positively impact the public perception of Montana agriculture?  Areas of consideration may be:

  • Public perception that the majority of agricultural production comes from “factory farms” rather than family farms and ranches.
  • Common consumer sentiment that technology used in agricultural production such as genetically modified organisms, pesticides and the use of antibiotics for animal welfare create an unhealthy food supply and environment. 

MFB Foundation Speech Contest Rules: 

  • Open to students currently in the 7th, 8th or 9th grade.
  • Between 2.5 - 4 minutes in length.
  • FFA members, 4-H members and any other students in Montana are eligible to compete. 
  • Prizes:  First place, $400; Second place, $300, Third place, $200, Fourth Place, $100 and Fifth Place, $50.
  • Registration and a copy of your speech must be received by the Montana Farm Bureau Federation office by March 1, 2018. 

“This speech contest fits Montana Farm Bureau’s leadership development goal very well, and we are offering great prizes to make this an exciting opportunity,” says MFB Foundation Coordinator Scott Kulbeck. “We know that FFA has similar contests for high school students and we want to complement, rather than compete, with those contests.  The speeches will be judged prior to the FFA State Convention, with the top 20 contestants invited to compete during their convention.” 

For more information, official rules or for a registration form contact Scott Kulbeck at or 406-587-3153.