The American Farm Bureau has sent a letter to all 100 U.S. senators expressing support for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

“Modernizing America’s transportation infrastructure continues to be a priority for our members, which is why we are supporting this bipartisan legislation. The investments in our nation’s roads, bridges, ports and inland waterways are not just necessary, they are long overdue,” said Duvall. “This legislation also provides critical investments that will expand broadband internet access and repair and upgrade aging western water infrastructure that is, in many cases, 50 to 100 years old and not adequate to meet today’s needs.”

Duvall added, “It is welcome news that senators did not place the burden of these investments on America’s farmers and ranchers through increased tax rates or by eliminating stepped-up basis. We thank the senators who have spent months negotiating the deal and encourage the Senate to pass this investment in America’s future.

Montana Farm Bureau is supporting the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, pointing out that the state has much to gain. Montana Farm Bureau President Hans McPherson said, “The infrastructure package offers funding for what’s currently essential to rural America and rural Montana including its bridges, water systems, highways and ports, as well as access to broadband for rural communities.  After receiving assurance that Congress would not pay for this package by raising taxes that directly and adversely affect Montana’s farming and ranching families, we see there is a lot of good in it for Montana. We strongly support the funding for authorized water projects and settlements, broadband in very rural areas, dedicated funds for aging Montana highways and bridges, and sensible fire prevention resources.”

The Montana Farm Bureau would like to thank Senator Jon Tester for his work on the bill to ensure the Treasure State receives the funding it needs to keep Montanans moving ahead in the 21st century.