The Montana Farm Bureau is praising the House of Representative for passing the 2018 Farm Bill, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (H.R. 2). The legislation passed the House 369-47 today. Montana Farm Bureau President Hans McPherson and MFBF National Affairs Director Nicole Rolf, who are in Washington, D.C this week, thank Congressman Greg Gianforte for his “yea” vote and his support of farmers and ranchers.

“It’s been an amazing week being in Washington, and it was especially rewarding to be here to see the 2018 Farm Bill pass the Senate yesterday and the House today,” said McPherson. “There is only one step more and that is for President Trump to sign this bill into law. The 2018 Farm Bill not only provides assistance in times of need to the people who produce our food, but it’s a bill for all Americans, including consumers, low-income families, seniors and military veterans. This is great news for Montanans as well as for all Americans.”

Rolf added, “After months of work, we are pleased to see the House and Senate come together this week and not only release a conference committee report, but pass that compromise bill through both the Senate and the House in quick succession. It was incredibly important to get this passed before the end of the year and now we ask the President to sign the bill into law.”