The Montana Farm Bureau is encouraging its members to attend the 2023 American Farm Bureau Convention being held in person Jan. 6-11, 2023, in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. AFBF assessed the status of San Juan and the convention facilities following Hurricane Fiona and determined that all are fully operational.

“Mi Familia” (My Family) is the theme of AFBF’s 104th consecutive convention, a “must attend” event that offers attendees the inside track on policies and perspectives that will affect farms, ranches and agribusinesses in 2023 and beyond.

“The 2023 American Farm Bureau Annual Convention in Puerto Rico promises opportunities and experiences Farm Bureau members haven’t had before,” said MFBF President Cyndi Johnson. “We’ll get to enjoy the tropics in January which is a big plus for those coming from Montana. Puerto Rico has a unique and culturally rich agricultural industry with many agri-tourism-related activities to participate in outside of the usual AFBF schedule of amazing workshops and inspiring speakers.”

Johnson added that the Puerto Rico Farm Bureau President Hector Ivan Cordero reached out to all Farm Bureau presidents and expressed his excitement at hosting this year’s event. “If you’ve never been to an AFBF convention, this is the one to attend,” the Conrad wheat farmer said. “If you go frequently, this is one to not miss. There’s something of value to every attendee and you will not regret the time spent attending it. Please join me in helping to make this year’s annual AFBF convention the best ever.”

“This is your opportunity to gain insights about the future of agriculture, sharpen your skills and help define the agenda in Washington,” said AFBF President Zippy Duvall. “I look forward to seeing you in January in Puerto Rico as the Farm Bureau family gathers together at the start of another year of feeding, clothing and fueling our great nation.”

Attendees may participate in a variety of educational workshops to advance their leadership skills, expand business proficiency and gain insights from industry visionaries about food production-related policies and trends. The convention also offers the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge innovations in agriculture, hear from powerful speakers and explore a vibrant trade show with exhibitors showcasing the latest in agricultural technology, tools and services.

Workshop topics include the 2023 farm bill, policy updates, market outlooks, trade, the latest ag education resources and strategies for coping with farm stress. 

More than 50% of the land in Puerto Rico is used for agriculture. An exciting aspect of this convention is the opportunity for farmers and ranchers from the 50 states to see and learn about crops and agricultural practices unique to Puerto Rico. Information about ag and leisure tours of Puerto Rico is available on the convention website. Details about additional tours will be posted when available.

The event website is Montana Farm Bureau members must contact MFBF Convention Coordinator Alena Standley to register,