Amanda Martin can almost call an insurance office home. She started making marketing calls for her father, Warren Krone, when she was 12. After high school ended for the day, as well as during summer vacations, she would help with filing and provide assistant work.

Martin explained that while growing up she attended schools in several different towns including Great Falls, Cascade and Roundup. “I competed in volleyball and also FFA, especially in the business competitions.  My parents ran a small ranch and I grew up taking care of chickens, cattle and when I was really young, sheep, so I’ve always appreciated agriculture.”

Her post high-school education found Martin playing volleyball for Dawson Community College and she earned a business degree and a general education degree at MSU Great Falls.

“I was planning to kick-off my career in education, but I kept coming back to the insurance office to help. A couple of years ago, I found out about the sales associate trips and that appealed to me. When I had enough sales to be able to go on those trips in my first three months, Dad insisted I needed to work in insurance,” the competitive 29-year-old remembers. “The more I saw life insurance and how it truly helped people, the more interested I became. Now Mountain West has increased their services to include wealth management and I find that fascinating. I’m constantly learning.”

Martin had been helping MWFBMIC Agent Randy Bogden with life sales.  When he was planning to retire, Agency Manager Kevin Gillaspie asked if Martin wanted to become a full-time agent.  “I thought it was a great time to make a name for myself so I accepted that offer.”

She especially enjoys sharing the importance of life insurance. “People listen to financial radio shows and believe life insurance is a one-stop shop; it’s not. It can do so much more for you. Yes, it certainly provides needed financial assistance when a loved one passes away, but it can also help when someone has a debilitating accident. Some life policies have cash value and can be used to offset retirement dollars. People benefit from meeting with their agent to discuss goals and needs.”

Martin attends her counties’ Farm Bureau meetings (she has clients in Choteau, Cascade and Musselshell counties) and is involved in judging FFA and coaching volleyball in Cascade County. She juggles those volunteer activities with spending time with her two young children, her husband (who is a Mountain West Farm Bureau adjuster) and her clients.

“There are times I have a Saturday client meeting or a Sunday evening phone call as we try to always be available. We understand many people need to schedule after-hours appointments because of their work schedules,” said Martin. The agent enjoys visits to customers on farms and ranches because, “There is no better way to connect to someone than around the kitchen table. I never wear heels out there—sometimes I’m asked to help out.”

However, Martin strives to make sure her family has time to do what they enjoy which includes hiking, fishing and simply spending time together.

The young agent wants members to know that MWFBMIC is re-evaluating their rates, understanding that their legacy is working to make sure Country Squire and country homes and farms are their base. “We know what is important to the community,” Martin concludes.