Alena Ogg, Western Montana Regional Manager

The past two weeks I had the opportunity to work the “ABC’s of Farm Safety” station at both the Hamilton and Gallatin Farm Fairs. Combined, the two events brought 1,350 4th grade students out to the farm for a day. Both events were set up similarly and offered several stations, including all types of livestock from cattle to poultry. They were able to learn about grinding wheat, weed control, making ice cream,  bees, conservation and water rights, and of course, farm safety. These types of events will continue to pop up across the state as stays warm and the teachers continue to search for ways to get their students out of the classroom before school lets out. Farm Fairs are not new to our communities either. The Gallatin Farm Fair celebrated its eighth year and the Hamilton Farm Fair has been an annual event for over twenty years! It’s a great motivator when the group leaders (now high school seniors or college students) can recall when they attended the farm fair and what a great memory it is. Beyond the history though, is the significance of exposing kids- most of who are not connected directly to agriculture, to life on the farm and the realities of how their food and fiber is made available. They come with eager questions and a curiosity that the presenters take advantage of. This is a great opportunity to share our accurate story of how food is produced and why this industry is so important.  Enjoy some pictures from the events!