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MFBF Submits Comments on State Lands Grazing

MFBF has submitted formal comments on proposed increases in the rental rate for state grazing leases.  Among other points forwarded to the Montana Department of Natural Resources is that a study being used to promote the increases, which was commissioned by the Land Board, did not adequately account for variances in the value of state and private land lease rates.

You can view our comments by clicking this link.

One Response to “MFBF Submits Comments on State Lands Grazing”

  1. Dempsey says:

    Maybe if the gov’t didnt raise rental rates and number of cattle we can run, ranchers would be able to make MORE money ultimately providing MORE money for the gov’t and trade balance. It blows my mind how the leaches who dont understand us ranchers can be so ignorant and disrespectful towards the way we have been doing it since the 1890’s. Taking money out of the pockets who feed and grow.

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