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Farm Bureau pleased that wolf de-listing can proceed

BOZEMAN–The Montana Farm Bureau is pleased that Judge Molloy, United States District Court for the District of Montana, has denied a preliminary injunction that would have put a halt to the Rocky Mountain gray wolf being removed from the Endangered Species List. The rule means the de-listing of the wolf can proceed as scheduled.

MFBF, along with the Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF) and the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, had been granted intervenor status in the consolidated cases, Defenders of Wildlife vs. Salazar and Greater Yellowstone Coalition vs. Salazar. The case arose out of the attempts for Defenders of Wildlife and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition to halt the de-listing of wolves from the Endangered Species List. Montana and Idaho are slated to take over wolf management plans, which were carefully developed.

“It’s rewarding to see the Montana wolf management plan will be allowed to go forward,” said MFBF President Bob Hanson. “Interests from all sides of the issue had a hand in developing the plan and we are happy to see their hard work was not in vain.”

According to MSLF President William Perry Pendley, “The Fish and Wildlife Service decision to de-list is a thoughtful and prudent one based on the health, vitality and abundance of wolves in the region. Morever, it is time wolves, which continue to prey on livestock, be managed properly.”

Cattle and sheep producers in areas near wolf reintroduction have been paying the price ever since the wolves were reintroduced in the mid-1990s. The recent confirmed killing of 120 buck sheep on private land on a Dillon ranch has further alarmed livestock producers in the area and pointed out the obvious: wolves need to be managed, and managed soon.

“Producers entered the wolf re-introduction plan in good faith that when wolves reached the target population that was agreed by everyone at the table—wildlife and producer groups alike—the wolves would be de-listed and managed,” said Hanson. “It’s time to go forward with the

de-listing and let the management plan take affect.”

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