Ag In The Classroom

Ag In The Classroom

Bringing Ag to the next generations

Bringing Montana farm animals, crops, wildlife management and other exciting aspects of our way of life to young people.

Agriculture in Montana Schools is a volunteer organization that has been serving agriculture for years. Their mission is to share the importance of agriculture with Montana school children and teachers, including facts about Montana farm animals, major crops, and our way of life.

Representatives of agricultural organizations, educators, and volunteers are working towards providing the public with a better understanding of crucial role of agriculture.

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Contact Information:

Helen Hanson 
Email: fordcreek1@itstriangle.com

Carol Ann Sparks 
Vice President
(406) 778-2320

Bev Weber 
(406) 442-2701

Lorri Brenneman 
Agriculture Literacy Specialist | Montana Department of Agriculture
(406) 437-1906