MFBF Spokesman

MFBF Spokesman

The Spokesman is the official membership publication of Montana Farm Bureau Federation’s member families. Spokesman readers are farmers and ranchers, rural residents, landowners, professionals, business people, tradespeople, outfitters, tour guides, young people, homeowners, homemakers and the whole realm of people who live in Big Sky Country!

Fall 2018 MFBF SpokesmanFall 2018's MFBF Spokesman includes a series on how Montana entrepreneurs are using locally grown agricultural products to revitalize small towns with breweries and distilleries.  The 2018 Annual Convention and Trade show registration is also include.
Summer 2018 MFBF SpokesmanThe Summer 2018 version of the Spokesman includes articles on the anti-mining initiative, summer safety topics, a recap on the Summer Conference and much more.
Winter 2018 MFBF SpokesmanThis version of the Spokesman includes the policy approved at the 2017 Annual Meeting and Convention in Billings.  Other articles include, "Fighting the Good Fight", winter safety and more.
Fall 2017 MFBF Spokesman Stories include, "Fires, Fires Everywhere: Stories from the 2017 Fire Season", a membership benefits roundup and a guest editorial on outsmarting the media's marketing of fear.
Summer 2017 MFBF Spokesman See the summer conference photo gallery, legislative awards, read about young ranchers facing challenges and gain tips on membership recruiting.
Spring 2017 MFBF Spokesman Read about tips for raising "local" food, exciting times in Washington, D.C. and review the Montana Farm Bureau Foundation Annual Report.
Winter 2017 MFBF Spokesman This issue contains Montana Farm Bureau's policy book.  Plus, meet MFBF's new president, Hans McPherson, and find tips on preventing frozen water pipes.
Fall 2016 MFBF Spokesman Ever wonder why ranchers use cattle trucks?  You can read why in this issue.  Other stories include, "We're your farmer" partners in the pulse business and an account of work being done towards the 2018 Farm Bill.
Summer 2016 MFBF Spokesman This issue contains a great feature on an eastern Montana member titled, "A Lifetime Spent Farming", a photo gallery from the 2016 MFBF Summer Conference and a PAC report.
Spring 2016 MFBF Spokesman Review the Montana Farm Bureau Foundatin Annual Report, see on-the-farm safety tips and  read about how young farmers and ranchers can get involved in Farm Bureau.
Winter 2016 MFBF Spokesman This is the policy book issue, containing all of the policies passed by Farm Bureau delegaes at the 2015 MFBF Convention.