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2017 recap: new laws on the books for Montana, farewell to dead bills


We have about a dozen bills still pending in the final week of Montana’s 65th Legislative Session, but we’d say this session has been a win for Montana agriculture.

Exempt wells, Seed Bill still up in the air


The goal of adjourning and 65th Montana Legislative Session by Good Friday may have been too good to be true. Montana’s lawmakers will be coming back for one more week after the holiday. But here in the second-to-last week, we had some good days for Montana agriculture.

Bill aims to combat noxious weeds on public lands


As the session winds into its final few weeks, lawmakers aren’t slowing down – we’re still wading through a few big bills that were thrown in the hopper at the last minute.

Balancing the costs of battling aquatic invasive species


Late last week, a bundle of bills targeted to deal with aquatic invasive species were dropped in the hopper.

Seed Bill passes, House considers tax incentive for pulse processors


The Seed Bill will protect the private property rights of landowners by preventing a potential patchwork of regulation on a county-by-county basis. It’s important that Montana’s farmers and ranchers now reach out to Governor Bullock to tell him how much we value our right to make our own decisions about what we plant and grow in our fields.

Bill would give stock water, domestic users deadline to file on formerly exempt water rights


We’re well into the second half of the Legislative session, and it was another busy week in Helena. At this point, many of the bills we see before committees are bills we’ve previously testified on that are completing the second half of their journey through the legislative process.

Seed bill needs more Montana voices


Montana’s seed bill is a proactive measure to keep seed regulation decisions in the state’s hands so that local farmers and ranchers know exactly where to look for guidance, just like they do with fertilizer laws. Please reach out to your urban Legislators especially to share why the regulatory consistency offered in the seed bill is important to you.

Agricultural business: protecting yourself from crisis


Often agricultural business is family business, even large scale farms and ranches are primarily family owned and operated.