Travels with MFBF’s State Staff and Volunteer Leaders

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I Work Out! (Kind Of)


A sentiment most farm and ranch moms can certainly get on board with!

Recognize Your Worth


What a remarkable trip to see fellow agriculturalists come together in one place and tell their stories on how and why they believe ag is a main stay in America!

Carrying a Water Can


Farmers and ranchers have great stories that touch folks of all walks of life--they are their own best advocate.

CSKT Water Compact Remains Crucial


The CSKT Compact is currently awaiting Congressional ratification.

Tell Governor Bullock to Sign HB 286 into Law


Congratulations! HB 286 has been sent to Governor Bullock and we have until May 11 to encourage him to sign the bill into law.

Raising the Next Generation of Montana Ranchers


Raising children with a foundation of faith in a close-knit agricultural community built from generations of hard-working families.

 “Ag in Color" Spring Field Trip


When was the last time you were on a Spring field trip, with grade school students?

Opioids: Closer Than You Think


Opioid addiction is a pervasive and silent erosion of rural America and it's closer than you think.